The Specialized Tactical Training Unit (STTU) was founded in 1982 as an advisory group dedicated to the training of law enforcement tactical teams and specialized military units required to operate in high-risk environments.

In the past 20 years, STTU has supplied training to numerous Federal agencies and US military units including the DEA, NTF, INS, US Customs, FBI, US Marine Corps MPs, Snipers and Recon, US Air Force CSAR and Intelligence, US Army Special Forces and Intelligence, and dozens of Municipal  and County law enforcement agencies. On an international level, STTU has supplied training to coalition Special Operations Commands, military security groups, border guards national police academies, organized crime taskforces, and fugitive apprehension teams.

STTU Training & Advisory can range from condensed lectures and theatre-specific briefs to intense multi-day tactical training programs. Each program is tailored to meet the training and operational requirements of the host agency and then further modified to suit projected operational environments.

In addition to on-going training commitments, STTU is actively involved in operational Research & Development, equipment Test & Evaluation, and International Studies in Conflict Resolution, Stabilization, Force Protection and Peacekeeping. As a result, STTU is often invited to lecture at academic think-tanks focused on counter terrorism and international criminal activities.


STTU Mobile Training Teams (MTT) can range in size and capability from one advisor to a team of instructors or security professionals. Each MTT is structured to meet the training and operational requirements of the host agency and drawn from a pool of former military, intelligence, or law enforcement personnel, all with exceptional backgrounds and experience in special operations, counter terrorism and tactical training.


STTU operations fall under the supervision of the Training Director, Mark Lonsdale, an internationally recognized advisor on tactical training for special operations. With over two decades of experience, Mark has forged STTU training programs and support materials into some of the finest available in the world today.

Before joining the military, Mark was a black belt judo champion, competitive high-powered rifle shooter and worked as a commercial diver. He has since ranked in the US Top Ten combat shooters; was twice winner of the French International and a member of the US team to the European Championships.

After gaining first-hand experience with the inefficient and ineffective training methods in use in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, Mark founded STTU and began developing mission-specific training programs. This immediately led to a number of requests from both US law enforcement and the military for advanced tactical and counter terrorism training.

In addition to having personally trained several hundred police and military operators, Mark has taught instructor level programs for Federal Agencies and the US Military; run advanced Raid programs for the DEA and NTF; and supplied Sniper and CQB training to US Marines prior to deployment in the Gulf Crisis. Recently Mark has been working as a military advisor in the Afghan theatre of operations and is actively involved in pre-deployment training of US military intelligence personnel and coalition Special Operations Forces.

To keep STTU programs on the cutting edge, Mark Lonsdale continues to run international operations, research new technologies, train in a wide variety of military disciplines, and travel extensively to the world’s hot spots. Mark is also active in search & rescue, serves as the Training Officer for a major law enforcement dive team, and is a frequent lecturer at various national symposiums.


For additional information on STTU training programs, military units and law enforcement agencies can contact STTU by email at STTUHQ@aol.com

All training requests must be made on official letterhead or originate from individuals tasked with researching contract training services. Since all training is geared towards special operations TEAMS, STTU does not have programs that individuals can attend unless a guest of the host agency. See Frequently Asked Questions FAQ